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Cloth design

After days of high-heeled stilettos, peep-toe pumps, snug suits and cocktail dresses, kicking back in casual garb can be the ultimate relaxation technique for women on the go. With the popularity of "Casual Fridays" in the workplace and casual chic on the streets, women have more options than ever to strut their stuff in casual dress with style or in simplistic laid back fashion. Dressing casual is as easy as it seems, and with a couple of tips women can learn how to apply casual dress to more and more settings.An increasing number of companies are ditching stuffy, workplace attire and reinstating a more fun, casual style of business dress. For those companies, "casual Fridays" are every day, and while employees are still expected to wear clothes that are semi-professional, they have more freedom to dress outside of the black business suit and conservative shoes combo. For women, this means casual, yet semi-conservative dresses like wrap dresses, loose-fitting summ…

Fashion Design Degree Program Information.

Fashion Design Degree Program InformationFashion design degree programs are available at the associate's, bachelor's, and master's levels and teach students how to turn artistic concepts into wearable clothing. Discover career options and salary information, as well as some common course topics in this degree program.
Essential InformationFashion design degrees can be earned at the associate's, bachelor's, and master's levels. Subjects studied in fashion design programs range from pattern development and drawing to visual merchandising and advanced styling, depending on the degree level. Advanced studies could include business-related coursework, such as marketing and promotions. A portfolio and artistic proficiency test are typically needed for admission into these programs. Associate's Degree in Fashion Design
An associate's degree program in fashion design offers students a practical foundation in fashion, design, textiles, visual merchandising and …

Nitobond EP

Main uses It is supplied as a two-part material in pre-weighed quantities ready for onsite mixing and use.
Coloured components, white base and green hardener, provide visual evidence that adequate mixing is achieved. AdvantagesCan be applied to dry or damp surfacesHigh mechanical strengthGood positive adhesionCan be applied where a substrate/repair barrier is requiredStandard and slow set grades

Lokfix S25

Main uses  A two component polyester anchoring grout supplied in pre-measured quantities. The material cures quickly to give consistent, high performance anchorages. Pourable grade, for use in vertical down holes.

Advantages ·Easy to mix and apply ·Rapid strength gain ·Vibration resistant ·Corrosion resistant ·Non-expansive ·Can be placed underwater ·Increased flowability ·Two grades specifically for vertical and horizontal / overhead use

Lokfix P25

Main uses The thixotropic nature of Lokfix P25 reduces flow of grout out of the hole. AdvantagesEasy to mix and applyRapid strength gainVibration resistantCorrosion resistantNon-expansiveCan be placed underwaterIncreased flowabilityTwo grades specifically for vertical and horizontal / overhead use